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Dojo Cho Andrew Netes

Andrew is a highly respected and experienced  Instructor who trains Security Groups both in Australia and overseas.  In 2018, marks 33 years in Bujinkan and 40 years of total experience in the Traditional Martial Arts.

Having served in the Australian Army, he moved into the Security Industry and has a career spanning many years and many different countries.  Providing Close Personal Protection for many high-profile, celebrities and high net worth individuals, as well as Managing Security Companies; he is highly regarded in the Security Industry - Worldwide.

In 2001, he became a direct student to Dr Masaaki Hatsumi, the current Soke of Bujinkan Worldwide. our Shibu is affiliated with the Bujinkan Hombu, Noda, Japan.  In Australia, he started with Bujinkan Shidoshi Steven Revnak, Mike Hammond, and Japan Alex Mordine,

'The Practice of Martial Arts is a tool for life.  It is not just the physical training of self-defence.  There are many lessons to learn on and off the mats.  If you have the eyes of a martial artist; be prepared to look and see, listen and. hear not just with your senses, but with your entire body.  We teach 9 Ryu's transmissions or current ways of the study of the Japanese Budo and Kobudo as taught to the Samurai'.

Having lived and travelled to Japan regularly, he maintains a strong relationship with his Japanese Instructors. All Grades are issued from the Hombu in Japan.

As of 3rd April 2018, Andrew was appointed Western Australia's Representative of the Australian Branch of Kuroda Han, Yagyu Shinkage-Ryu, Heiho, Aratsu-Kai - a traditional Japanese Sword style, with a well documented and distinguished history dating back well over 600 years.  This style was chosen by the last 3 Shoguns (Warlords) of Japan, as the Number 1 Sword Style.

Andrew has Official permission to teach this sword style in Perth, Western Australia and trains with Paul Shihan, the Head Of Shadow Sword.

'Martial Arts is a tool, it's not just about fighting, but about life'
Dojo Cho Andrew Netes

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